6 Spotify Playlists to Help You Study, Relax and Exercise

Your time at uni is spent doing a lot of different things, including studying, relaxing and exercising. Whilst these activities are fine to do on their own, they’re often much more enjoyable when accompanied by some great music. Here are six great Spotify playlist you’ll want to listen to the next time you’re studying, relaxing or exercising.

Playlists for Studying

  • ‘Intense Studying’ by Spotify: If you have a long night of studying ahead of you, there’s plenty of music on this 127 track classical playlist to keep you focused. With over 13 hours of sonatas, concertos and more from the likes of Bach, Mozart and Dvorak, this playlist is perfect for exam prep.
  • ‘Acoustic Concentration’ by Spotify: If classical music is not your favourite, then this acoustic playlist might be a better fit. With 33 songs and nearly two hours worth of music, this compilation from the Spotify team is the perfect accompaniment to that 10,000-word essay you need to write before class tomorrow.

Playlists for Relaxing

  • ‘Relax LoFi’ by STEEZYAS: This compilation of relaxing, lo-fi hip-hop is the perfect music mix to spend time with after exams. With 113 songs included on the playlist, you can relax to these beats all night long.
  • ‘Relax & Unwind’ by Spotify: This playlist, chosen directly by Spotify editors, features 80 songs with mellow, temperate scores. Relax & Unwind plays host to a number of artists you may know and love, including Fleeting Foxes and The Lumineers.

Playlists for Exercising

  • ‘Workout Hits’ by Spotify: No matter the length of your workout, this playlist is sure to get you through it. Featuring 53 upbeat and very motivating songs, you’ll want to listen to this music during a warm-up, throughout your exercise regime and even whilst waiting for your professor’s lecture to begin.
  • ‘Running Workout Goals’ by Filtr UK: Though the playlist name implies this compilation is for running — and indeed, it could be used for such — it can just as well be used for any type of high-intensity workout. Fast, upbeat and melodious, this 60-song list includes music from a number of well-known house musicians.

As you can see, Spotify offers some great playlists for studying, relaxing and exercising. Whilst the team at Amro Vantage is not comprised of many musicians, we can offer you some of the best student accommodation in Kingston Upon Thames — and some great Spotify playlists to accompany you whilst you’re studying, relaxing and exercising there. To learn more, visit our website today!