Advantages of all-inclusive Luxury Student Accommodation

The benefits of all-inclusive luxury student accommodation can never be understated. To excel students need stability in a stress free environment.

Moving away from home to a strange city where you may not know anyone is a huge step. Deciding what you need to buy and take with you; which Uni events to attend and whether you are going to get on with your fellow students can create more than enough stress. Worrying about where you are going to live is the type of hassle you can do without.
Here are some excellent reasons to choose all-inclusive luxury student accommodation:

No removal costs
Luxury student accommodation is equipped with all furniture, fixtures and fittings you need. This saves you the time and expense of acquiring and transporting these things. Invariably there will be a microwave oven. If you are not supplied with individual cleaning utensils there will be some for communal use.

The accommodation will have ample storage space for your clothes and other possessions. A desk, bed and seating are standard.

So all you need to do is pack a suitcase and arrive knowing that everything you need is already provided.

More control over your budget
Reaching adulthood can be a trauma when you’ve never had to deal with bills. You can defer the full implications of this in all-inclusive luxury student accommodation. There is no paperwork involved in changing utilities to your name, getting them connected and having to worry about having enough money to pay them. You just pay your rent and that’s the end of it. Gas, electricity, water, security, contents insurance and even fast WiFi are included!

When everything is included, you know exactly what you will have to pay each month. Work out what you need for food and then you can spend the remainder of your budget in any way you wish.

Luxury student accommodation is often strategically located near to universities and amenities. This means you can invariably walk to your classes, saving money on travel expenses. With amenities close by you won’t have to waste time waiting for trains and buses.

Luxury student accommodation in Kingston upon Thames and Winchester
Amro Vantage offers a range of affordable student rooms and studios in Kingston upon Thames and Winchester with varying levels of luxury. Our mission is to make the transition from home to university as simple and stress free as possible for students. For more information call us today on (+44)02037090274. Alternatively visit the Amro Vantage website to book a room online.