Everybody should have fond memories of where they lived as a student. Amro Vantage want to make sure your experience of living in student accommodation is a positive one.

If your current accommodation has fallen through, we welcome those studying at all the main institutions in Kingston, including the college, Kingston University and St Marys. All our student halls are based in the centre of the town.

There are many advantages to choosing student halls rather than other types of properties, but one of the biggest is you easily meet other people with similar interests. If all bills are included, as they are with Amro Vantage, it’s also much less stressful to organise. Otherwise, many people end up arguing about the electricity or gas bill with other tenants! Since halls have rooms which are largely self-contained, you can also enjoy an ensuite bathroom.

When you live in an Amro Vantage property, you’re guaranteed to have quality accommodation. Our rent is all-inclusive and we offer fuss-free contracts, making it easy to book a room.

We place excellent levels of service at the centre of our accommodation. Our student rooms available to rent in Kingston offer unbeatable facilities, including fast Wi-fi, security staff and attractive interiors.

If you’re looking for student properties to rent in Kingston, why not check out our halls instead?