Bad Habits that University Students should Avoid

University students experience a life changing opportunity when they leave home to embark on their studies.

Whether you move away to a totally new area, or stay closer to home and travel to Campus every day, you will be living and working in a totally new environment. Here at Amro Vantage we have seen many young people moving into our luxury student accommodation. And over time have seen them experience University life, at both academic and social levels.
Although everyone would hope that your university experience will be a time of learning and growth, there is also a negative side to the experience. All university students are extremely competent and highly talented. But many fail to do justice to their aptitude and sometimes fail to perform well.

The bad habits that you may pick up could well prove detrimental to your performance and overall personal growth. As a student you should be aware of your habits and weaknesses, which can not only have an effect on your grades, but may also damage any future career prospects.


Skipping lessons

Attending Uni isn’t like being at school. Your professor won’t take a morning roll call to see who has turned up to class. This makes it easy to skip undetected, many lessons in a row. Your parents won’t receive a call if you fail to attend and your professor probably won’t contact you to see why you have failed to show up for lectures. You should be the one who cares. Just skipping a few lessons in a row can mean you are missing out on a lot of study material. Thus can be disastrous when your finals come around and you have incomplete notes for revision.


Miss out on the all-nighters

It’s a common opinion that university students can go for days without sleep, writing papers and studying into the small hours. The truth is that this situation can usually be avoided if homework is completed when required. You don’t get any rewards for leaving it until the last minute. Just as with non-attendance, your tutor won’t chase you to write papers and hand them in. It’s entirely up to the student to decide what is important. Be organised and understand that you may have to miss the odd social occasion to remain at home and study.


Cut the time spent on social media

In the last few years, social media platforms seem to have taken over our lives. Connecting with our friends and family has never been easier. Writing an assignment or studying requires great effort and concentration. University students need to keep their minds motivated, with great focus, logical reasoning and creative thoughts. All of which become decreased when you begin to interact with your friends on social media. You will notice how much improved your work has become, without too many distractions.



The majority of University Campuses are now smoke free. However, there is still some peer pressure to smoke as those around you all seem to be doing it. It’s important to be aware of and understand why it’s not something you want to start doing, and also to consider the health risks associated with smoking.

Your University years are a time for growing as a person and learning new things. They are also a time to enjoy yourself and have fun,. But always take care that the things you learn and any bad habits you collect, don’t end up being detrimental in the long run.


University students – budgeting

Don’t blow your budget in the first few weeks. Living on pot noodles and toast does not feed your brain. Stress about utility bills and rent will not enhance your ability to study. Check out our luxury student accommodation in Winchester and Kingston upon Thames. It’s all inclusive so that you don’t have to worry about your utility and internet bills.