The most romantic month of the year is only around the corner. It is time to think about surprising your loved ones! However, we all know how expensive it could get if you follow the full traditional ideas, such as dinner in the restaurant, bouquet of roses, chocolates and plush toys. Here are X student friendly ideas to shake up you Valentine’s Day and surprise your other half.


  1. Home-made dinner

Staying at home for special day could be great! Instead of going out for dinner, make it yourself a home. You can either surprise your other half with already home-made meal or cook it together! Picking a recipe and go shopping for dinner together could definitely bring you closer, or least show who will be cooking in the future 😉

BBC Food website has a great selection for Valentine’s Day:

However, cooking meal as a flat all together could be a great night in! Shared kitchens in Winchester accommodations are great to fit everyone in one place for a cosy dinner.


  1. Let’s play Secret Angel game

Why not start to surprise your crush a week or few days prior to Valentine’s Day? Play a Secret Angel game with them! The idea is to surprise person daily. Leave a secret note on their flat door with the compliment, chocolate bar with their name on in the kitchen or any other small, but nice little something every day. Please note, that this person will become happier and will be smiling a lot! This game is a great deal to let your crush know that what you are feeling, and it is budget friendly too, what not to love?


  1. Love letter

Cards are always an option for Valentine’s day, however, just think how ten times more romantic that will be if you send your crush/ loved one a letter! This is the possibility for you to express all your feelings, let them know what you think of them and remind them how much you do apricate them. Although, that’s an old-fashioned way, but this is exactly the where ‘old is gold’ due to the fact that people don’t talk about their feelings that often, so you could surprise them quite a lot here! The key is to be honest.