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Top 3 Places to be Productive while at University in Kingston and living in Student Accommodation

Top 3 Places to be Productive while at University in Kingston and living in Student Accommodation

The days of small box student digs with a shared kitchen or even (worse) a shared bathroom is a thing of the past. Student Accommodation such as Greencoat in Kingston are now much better equipped, with modern fixtures, speedy Wi-Fi, good value for money laundry, nearby shops, not too expensive gyms and cool cinemas.

However despite all of this it can sometimes be really difficult to get all of your important university assignments done whilst in the environment of your own studio. Some people struggle with noisy neighbors, others are too easily distracted (damn Facebook!) by things to do or people to see, and some simply find it difficult to find focus stuck by their computer.

Whatever the lack of study motivation you’re guilty of, we’ve come up with our favourite three productivity boosting places you can get your university work done away from the confines (and distractions) of your studio.

Be part of the buzz and study in a local coffee shop

Top 3 Places

As strange as they seem, coffee shops are a popular work place for a reason, not only can you get out of your studio, you can enjoy a coffee and socialize whilst working amongst other students. There are lots of nice coffee shops nearby to Greencoat House in Kingston to pick your perfect working environment.

Coffee shops are ideal for students that prefer to get work done in a social atmosphere with a bit of a background buzz. Best of all, most coffee shops will allow you to sit and work as long as you buy drinks now and then.

Embrace nature and go outside!!!

Top 3 Places image 2

We don’t need to tell you the health benefits of getting outside for some fresh air, but did you know that being amongst nature can also boost your mental ability too? Spending some time outside helps to unlock the creative side of your brain, turning an uninspired essay into a work of literary genius.

Living in Kingston means that you are a stone’s throw away from beautiful spots in London. Getting outside often means you’ll have the opportunity to get away from tech too. Whilst most of us have laptops and smartphones which can accompany us to the park, once in a while it’s worth leaving your gadgets behind. Instead stuff a comfy blanket and lunch into a bag and find somewhere beautiful to sit for a solid revision session.

Taking yourself away from distractions will also help improve your focus, so switch your phone to do-not-disturb, grab those books and take a trip to your nearest park.

Find serenity at the local Kingston library or Greencoat House Study Room !!

Top 3 places image 3

Libraries are very typical places to find students working. You get quick access to textbooks, journals and other reference material, computers and charging points are also within easy reach, and more often than not, your tutors’ offices won’t be too far away either. Oh and don’t forget the peace and quiet!

It’s the peaceful atmosphere that can sometimes make working in a library the most productive place. In a serene environment you can really get in the zone – entering an almost meditative state – focusing entirely on the task at hand. With zero external influences distracting you from your work, the library or Greencoat House study room might be the best place to go when you’ve got to hit those last minute deadlines.

Additionally, most modern university libraries have zones sectioned off for quiet work, light discussion or full blown conversation, giving you the choice of where you want to work or the ability to move around if you feel a change of pace is needed.

Lastly, each of these has their own merits…

and no one specific place will suit everyone. In fact, our recommendation is to get a good mix and spend some time in your room and some time getting out and about rotating between your favourite places to work.

It boosts creativity, provides a fresh perspective and gives you plenty of space to disengage from work if needs be, allowing you to come back more focused and determined than before.

If you would like to visit Greencoat House Student Accommodation do get in touch with us now via our online chat or call us on Tel: 07469710104.

Top 3 places image 4

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Top five city walks around London

Top five city walks around London

Sometimes, the hectic London life might leave you feeling a little strained. When this happens, it’s
always a good idea to go for a nice, long walk to clear your head!

To many, this might mean venturing out of the city and into the countryside. However, there are
some great walks within the city itself that can be just as therapeutic! See below for our top five city walks around London.

1. ‘The Jubilee Greenway’: Little Venice to Camden

Although this canal walk runs right through the heart of central London, taking you from London
Zoo to Camden Lock, it’s actually quite quiet. The calm and tranquil canal waters only  occasionally give way to busy waterside shops and cafes.

Little Venice is situated a short walking distance between Edgware Road and Warwick Avenue, so starting at Camden may be easier. Although, for those that like their street food, Camden is the
better destination for a nice meal after your walk.

The Jubilee Greenway London walk

2. Westminster: South Bank of the Thames

There’s no more quintessential London stroll than the one taking you down the South Bank of the
River Thames. Here you will see all those views and sights adorning every postcard of London.
The best time to do it is in the evening, when the soft glow of the sunset gives everything a magical air.

South Bank of the Thames London walk

3. Richmond Park & Wimbledon Common

This one is a little closer to home, beginning just a short journey away from our Kingston
residences in Richmond Park! Richmond Park is wide open expanse of meadows and woodland
rich in fauna and full of wildlife. You may even be able to spot the herd of deer that live there! In
contrast, Wimbledon Common is a dark, ancient wood like something out of a grim fairytale.

Richmond Park & Wimbledon Common walk

4. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is big, wild, and untamed, in start contrast to some of the more prim and proper parks our other walks go through. Although, if you do venture off into the surrounding suburbs you will find some of London’s most impressive, and expensive, properties. The Heath has a massive variety of plants and wildlife crammed into its 791 acres of land so is also a nature lover’s dream!

Hampstead Heath

5. Thames Path: Hampton Court to Albert Bridge

This walk along the river that runs through the heart of London takes in all sorts of spectacular
sites, from Hampton Court Palace to Albert Bridge. The whole thing is 23 miles long, so maybe
only do part of it in one day unless you’re looking for a really taxing trek!

Thames Path: Hampton Court to Albert Bridge walk

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Meet Simran, a wonderful talented student living at Greencoat House and who is studying Film Making at Kingston University.

Meet Simran, a wonderful talented student living at Greencoat House and who is studying Film Making at Kingston University.

Simran is working to become the next generation of fabulous film makers and she has shared her creative work with Amro Vantage.

This short clip has been given the unique opportunity to feature at the British Film Institute at South Bank, London. It is a demonstration of how the use of slow motion cinematography can create tension and keep the viewer in suspense.

Students like Simran coming to study film making in Kingston have the opportunity to jump on a train just in front of Greencoat House and head to the British Film Institute at South Bank.

The BFI is where students can explore and promote their work. The BFI gives students the opportunity to experience and explore the combination of cultural, creative and industrial roles. The BFI offers a National Archive of films for students as well as offering; a Reuben Library, film distributions, exhibitions, educational conferences, a BFI IMAX cinema, publishing opportunities and festivals. The BFI also helps students to promote their own film production, distribution, education, audience development, market intelligence and research.

All of this is at your finger tips!!! The World is there for you to explore starting from London.

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Summer concerts in or around Kingston

If you’re into your music (and who isn’t!?) there are plenty of festivals in and around Kingston. These events are packed with big name acts, and only a short journey away from our Bright House and Greencoat House properties! Let’s have a look what’s on this summer:

Hampton Court Palace Festival

Hampton Court Palace KT8 9AU

If you like your festivals a little more refined, Hampton Court Palace festival is the event for you.Taking place in the stunning Tudor Courtyard, the festival provides world-class acts, a spectacular setting and the beautiful East Front Gardens to enjoy picnicking before the concert!

Acts on this summer include:

Bryan Ferry
7th and 21st June 2017
Tickets: £69, £79, £95 *Subject to a booking fee

James Morrison
8th June 2017
Tickets: £45, £55, £65 *Subject to a booking fee

Van Morrison
15th June 2017
Tickets: £69.50, £79.50, £99.00 *Subject to a booking fee

Sandown Park Festival

Sandown Park Racecourse, Portsmouth Road, Esher, KT10 9AJ

Another festival with a notable backdrop is the Sandown Park Festival and Sandown Race Course. The jockey club at Sandown, one of the UK’s oldest and most famous racetracks, hold concerts there throughout the summer.

Acts on this summer include:

An Evening At The Races With Clean Bandit ft Louisa Johnson
8th June 2017 | 16:00
Opens 16:00, First race 17:50, Last race 20:35
Tickets: TBC

Tom Jones Live at Sandown Park
19th July 2017 | 16:00
Opens 16:00, First race 18:05, Last race 20:40
Tickets: TBC

An Evening at the Races with Olly Murs
10th August 2017 | 16:00
Opens 16:00, First race 17:35, Last race 20:25
Tickets: TBC

Kew the Music at Kew Gardens

Kew Richmond Surrey TW9 3AE

Kew the Music (11–16 July) is a glorious week-long festival of summer picnic concerts set within the stunning grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. All tickets start at £44 for a standard adult admission.

Acts on this summer include:

Razorlight supported by The Bluetones and Reef
Wednesday 12 July 2017, 6pm to 10.30pm

All Saints supported by Melanie C
Thursday 13 July 2017, 6pm to 10.30pm

Haçienda Classiçal
Friday 14 July 2017, 6pm to 10.30pm

Saturday 15 July 2017, 6pm to 10.30pm

Mary J Blige
Sunday 16 July 2017, 6pm to 10.30pm

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Taking a course in 2017? We’ve got student accommodation in Winchester

Taking a course in 2017? We’ve got student accommodation in Winchester

If you are taking a course our luxury student accommodation in Winchester is ideal. You can book a room now for 2017.

Whether you are studying locally or in the capital our student rooms at Riverside Way, Winchester are within easy reach of public transport and walking distance to the University of Winchester. Purpose built to provide every comfort and convenience, Riverside Way is all inclusive of utility bills, and superfast broadband. For times when you need a little support from your peers there is a group study room, as well as a common room for entertainment. Beautifully positioned in landscaped gardens you can sit out in the fresh air during the summer months.

Who studies at the University of Winchester?

There are more female students at the University (67.5%) than male (32.5%). Most of the students had a state education (96.1%) prior to studying at this Uni with only 3.9% of students coming from private school. 54.3% of students are 20 years of age or below, with the remainder fairly evenly split between 21-24 years and 30 or over. Only 5.3% of students are between 25 and 29.

Most students are from the UK (93.2%) with 1.5% coming from the EU and 5.3% from outside of the EU. There are around 7,400 people studying at the University.

For more details about fees and what this public research seat of learning has to offer, click on University of Winchester.

Winchester is a great place to live

Winchester has many accolades for being the best place to live in England. Among others the Sunday Times and the Halifax Building Society deem it to be so. This is not surprising because this City has everything including a feel good factor.

If you love food, you will love Winchester. Quite apart from a vast selection of restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and bars there is also a Farmer’s Market twice per month. This market is the largest in the UK and has a reputation for best quality produce.

You’ll find top brand shops as well as chic independents selling clothes, jewellery, beauty products, herbal remedies and just about anything else you might ever want or need. There are lots of bookshops, fine art galleries and a quaint arts and crafts shop that is frequented by art students.

There is always something happening in Winchester with small weekly markets featuring art, retro and antique items. Numerous Festivals are held throughout the year from wine and fashion events to jazz and comedy performances.

There is a buzzing nightlife with theme bars and night clubs, theatre and cinema.

If you need a quiet place to sit and reflect or study, you have a choice of the Cathedral grounds or Abbey Gardens. Be inspired as Keats once was strolling along the waterside.

Once the capital of England, Winchester dates back to medieval times. The evidence of its historic past can be seen in the architecture within the City walls.

Student accommodation in Winchester

London is an hour’s train journey away making Winchester a desirable residential location for those studying and working in the capital. Naturally it is a perfect location for students at the University of Winchester too.

However, property prices and rents are high as can be expected in an area which is much sought after. Our Riverside Way student accommodation is competitively priced and represents excellent value for money. With all bills included and an ideal environment for recreation and study, it makes sense to check it out. Call us on +4402037090274 to arrange a viewing or click book a room online.

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Meet Gratsiella, a bright young artist who has been living at our Kingston University Accommodation, Greencoat House

Meet Gratsiella, a bright young artist who has been living at our Kingston University Accommodation, Greencoat House

Here we have a bright young talented student Gratsiella Yankova who was delighted to share her performance with Amro Vantage. We are delighted to share her new performance, Summertime which is a great success story. Gratsiella is a bright young artist who has been living at Greencoat House for the past two years. She is in the performing arts at Kingston University and has shared her music and talents with us, we in return are happy to share on our facebook page.

“Managers at Amro Vantage love what we do. We not only take care of the daily managing of the student accommodation, we also enjoy working with students which means we get to work with vibrant and talented young stars of the future!!! We take pride in knowing that our students are doing well at university and we do not see our residents as simply another tenant. The Managers do not hide away in the office but rather are visible every day and around to be of assistance!! As part of our ongoing dedication we wish to be a support and help every student along their journey and progression through promoting their success stories and assisting with queries relating to their assignments.”

Click on the link and be inspired!!”

Gratsiella Yankova!! Summertime!!

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Advantages of all inclusive luxury student accommodation

Advantages of all-inclusive Luxury Student Accommodation

The benefits of all-inclusive luxury student accommodation can never be understated. To excel students need stability in a stress free environment.

Moving away from home to a strange city where you may not know anyone is a huge step. Deciding what you need to buy and take with you; which Uni events to attend and whether you are going to get on with your fellow students can create more than enough stress. Worrying about where you are going to live is the type of hassle you can do without.
Here are some excellent reasons to choose all-inclusive luxury student accommodation:

No removal costs
Luxury student accommodation is equipped with all furniture, fixtures and fittings you need. This saves you the time and expense of acquiring and transporting these things. Invariably there will be a microwave oven. If you are not supplied with individual cleaning utensils there will be some for communal use.

The accommodation will have ample storage space for your clothes and other possessions. A desk, bed and seating are standard.

So all you need to do is pack a suitcase and arrive knowing that everything you need is already provided.

More control over your budget
Reaching adulthood can be a trauma when you’ve never had to deal with bills. You can defer the full implications of this in all-inclusive luxury student accommodation. There is no paperwork involved in changing utilities to your name, getting them connected and having to worry about having enough money to pay them. You just pay your rent and that’s the end of it. Gas, electricity, water, security, contents insurance and even fast WiFi are included!

When everything is included, you know exactly what you will have to pay each month. Work out what you need for food and then you can spend the remainder of your budget in any way you wish.

Luxury student accommodation is often strategically located near to universities and amenities. This means you can invariably walk to your classes, saving money on travel expenses. With amenities close by you won’t have to waste time waiting for trains and buses.

Luxury student accommodation in Kingston upon Thames and Winchester
Amro Vantage offers a range of affordable student rooms and studios in Kingston upon Thames and Winchester with varying levels of luxury. Our mission is to make the transition from home to university as simple and stress free as possible for students. For more information call us today on (+44)02037090274. Alternatively visit the Amro Vantage website to book a room online.

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How Prospective University Students can make the Most of the Christmas Break

How Prospective University Students can make the Most of the Christmas Break

As Christmas approaches prospective University students will be looking forward to spending time with their families and friends.

However, among the gifts, Christmas decorations and boxes of chocolates it’s essential not to forget your revision during the festive period.

Applications need to be sent off shortly so if you haven’t already completed them, now would be a good time to do it.

Here’s our advice for making the most of your Christmas break


Create a schedule

Although Christmas is officially a holiday, for students it’s partly a working one. Creating a weekly schedule will assist you greatly in pacing your work. Cramming everything in, just before you return to Kingston University will cause unbelievable stress and you run the risk of not finishing the work.

You can either manually draw a schedule and stick it on the wall or set one up on your smartphone, so that you receive reminders. In this way you can ensure everything that needs to be done is done!


Take time out

Despite your work schedule you need to strike a healthy balance between work and play. Whether you like to relax by going to the theatre, going to a bowling alley or just visiting friends you need time out. An enjoyable evening will put you in the right frame of mind for completing your scheduled assignments the next day.

You never know where you might find inspiration for your applications. It might be chatting with your mates, going to see the Christmas lights in London or maybe hunting down Pokémon!

Christmas is one of the best holidays for family get togethers, and to catch up with friends. By managing your time effectively there is no reason to feel guilty about taking time away from your revision.


Have everything you need at hand

One of the worst things that can happen to students is finding something missing from your revision materials. Make sure you pack everything you need.

Chat with your mates, teachers or admin staff about what you’ll need in terms of pre-exam materials and resources. In this way you’ll avoid discovering that there is a module, crucial to the exam, that you had no idea existed until it was too late!
Be aware of deadlines

When you have all the resources and materials you need, write down each deadline you have to meet. This could be dates you need to get your essay finished, completing the cover for your coursework or even buying your best mate’s Christmas gift.

Being prepared and setting practical deadlines for your work and personal life will ensure there are no mistakes.


University students – play the mock interviews game

The prospect of interviews might fill you with dread but it shouldn’t! Think about the questions you are likely to have to answer. These will include queries about your chosen subjects and of course, questions about you personally. Your personal statement should contain all the relevant information. Make sure it does!

Christmas is a time when all the family can participate in games. Make a game out of mock interviews so that you can practice your responses to interview questions. It will be fun!
Find some work experience

All universities are impressed by prospective students who have work experience. Kingston Uni will be no different. Taking the time to organise your own work experience will be an asset at interviews. It’s also valuable to impress future employers.

It might not seem much fun to be working during the festive season, but if you can achieve a little it will benefit you a lot! Any university preparatory work over a holiday period might seem unfair, when everyone else spends the time having fun. But once completed, you’ll feel so much more relaxed and rightly proud of yourself.


Luxury Student Accommodation in Kingston upon Thames

If your application to Kingston Uni is successful most university students will need somewhere to stay. It’s perhaps best to explore all your options but our luxury student accommodation is a stone’s throw away. All bills are included so you only have to pay one free for your room. Worrying about utilities and internet costs is not good for studying. You need to be calm and relaxed. Contact us via our web contact form or call us on +44 0203 709 0274 to discuss your specific requirements. Our friendly staff members are a mine of information!

We take this opportunity of wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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Bad Habits that University Students should Avoid

Bad Habits that University Students should Avoid

University students experience a life changing opportunity when they leave home to embark on their studies.

Whether you move away to a totally new area, or stay closer to home and travel to Campus every day, you will be living and working in a totally new environment. Here at Amro Vantage we have seen many young people moving into our luxury student accommodation. And over time have seen them experience University life, at both academic and social levels.
Although everyone would hope that your university experience will be a time of learning and growth, there is also a negative side to the experience. All university students are extremely competent and highly talented. But many fail to do justice to their aptitude and sometimes fail to perform well.

The bad habits that you may pick up could well prove detrimental to your performance and overall personal growth. As a student you should be aware of your habits and weaknesses, which can not only have an effect on your grades, but may also damage any future career prospects.


Skipping lessons

Attending Uni isn’t like being at school. Your professor won’t take a morning roll call to see who has turned up to class. This makes it easy to skip undetected, many lessons in a row. Your parents won’t receive a call if you fail to attend and your professor probably won’t contact you to see why you have failed to show up for lectures. You should be the one who cares. Just skipping a few lessons in a row can mean you are missing out on a lot of study material. Thus can be disastrous when your finals come around and you have incomplete notes for revision.


Miss out on the all-nighters

It’s a common opinion that university students can go for days without sleep, writing papers and studying into the small hours. The truth is that this situation can usually be avoided if homework is completed when required. You don’t get any rewards for leaving it until the last minute. Just as with non-attendance, your tutor won’t chase you to write papers and hand them in. It’s entirely up to the student to decide what is important. Be organised and understand that you may have to miss the odd social occasion to remain at home and study.


Cut the time spent on social media

In the last few years, social media platforms seem to have taken over our lives. Connecting with our friends and family has never been easier. Writing an assignment or studying requires great effort and concentration. University students need to keep their minds motivated, with great focus, logical reasoning and creative thoughts. All of which become decreased when you begin to interact with your friends on social media. You will notice how much improved your work has become, without too many distractions.



The majority of University Campuses are now smoke free. However, there is still some peer pressure to smoke as those around you all seem to be doing it. It’s important to be aware of and understand why it’s not something you want to start doing, and also to consider the health risks associated with smoking.

Your University years are a time for growing as a person and learning new things. They are also a time to enjoy yourself and have fun,. But always take care that the things you learn and any bad habits you collect, don’t end up being detrimental in the long run.


University students – budgeting

Don’t blow your budget in the first few weeks. Living on pot noodles and toast does not feed your brain. Stress about utility bills and rent will not enhance your ability to study. Check out our luxury student accommodation in Winchester and Kingston upon Thames. It’s all inclusive so that you don’t have to worry about your utility and internet bills.

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5 Ways to Get Fit on a Student Budget in Kingston upon Thames

5 Ways to Get Fit on a Student Budget in Kingston upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames is one of the best areas in London to get fit. Now that Fresher’s week has ended and it’s time to begin your intense, 3 year study period at Uni, this is also the time to get fit! When you’re studying at Uni there is really no better time to step up your fitness levels, now you no longer have the pleasure of your parent’s home cooked meals.

The number one excuse from a student for not being fit is “I have no money”. Yet here in Kingston upon Thames, you really have no excuse. There are numerous events and activities that you can take part in and enjoy, without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking to become healthier and happier, lose weight or build muscle, here are Amro Vantage’s suggestions of ways you can get fit in the Kingston area.


Kingston Council – Parkfit

Turn up, tone up and get fit for free is the motto of the local authority, aiming to get more people interested in staying active. They offer a free one hour fitness session to individuals in the community, with various sessions to introduce you to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. With Yoga sessions, Bootcamp and Abs, Bums and Thighs, you can book your free session by visiting their Kingston Council website


Parkfit – KCC

Based in New Malden, Windsor Avenue, the cricket club at Kings College Sports Ground is always searching for new players. Ability and age is no barrier, everyone is welcome. With a social club and post-match drinks, it’s a popular sport for many students.


Dark side Football Club – Victoria Recreation Ground, Balaclava Road, Surbiton

This friendly football team of 11 a side has been playing in the local football League for 10 years. With training sessions held weekly on a Tuesday, meetings are split between working with their fitness coach and football training and matches.


Kingston Cobras Kickboxing Club – Arena Health Club Kingston Hall Road, Kingston

This Sports Club concentrates on the martial art/semi-contact sport of Kickboxing. Holding classes for both women and men at all abilities and experience, there are grading classes and competitions throughout the year.


Kingston University Ju Jitsu – Kingston University Fitness Centre, Penrhyn Road Campus

The modern, progressive sport of Ju Jitsu focuses on realistic self-protection / self-defence for modern society. Turn up and have a go, wearing loose, comfortable clothing and take a bottle of water for refreshment.

Of course there are also many other activities you can take part in that won’t cost the earth. Kingston upon Thames boasts over 300 of the best cycling routes in the region, and of course cycling to Uni is one good way of upping your fitness levels. Walking is a healthy option that doesn’t cost a thing; walk along the Thames path to Richmond or explore London’s biggest Royal Park and look out for herds of Red and Fallow deer.

Early mornings, late nights, stressful exams and endless studying – don’t let University life turn you into an unfit couch potato. Get out there and find a new sporting challenge in Kingston upon Thames.


Luxury Student Accommodation in Kingston upon Thames

If you are searching for short term or long term luxury student accommodation in Kingston upon Thames or Winchester, we can help. You will find our team helpful and friendly.  We can also share our expert knowledge of the area with you, if this is your first visit to the Kingston. Call us today on 0203 709 0274 and enquire about our all-inclusive luxury student accommodation.

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