Are you a student who have multiple friends and family that you need to surprise with a gift; or just trying to find your way to an original and thoughtful gift for the family member who latterly have everything on this Planet and more? Then, this gift guide is just for you!

  1. Jar filled with candies and not only!

This gift is incredibly versatile. Simply get a jar of any size you want, fill it with favourite gift receiver’s chocolate or sweets and voila! Wrap bright red or green bow around for Christmas feel. This could also work as jar of Christmas Wishes; feel the jar with printed wishes for the person you would like to surprise and make them take one wish a day in order to lift their mood up every day!

  1. Coffee lover starter kit

For those who cannot live without a coffee even a day this gift will suit perfect! Pour-over ceramic cone, and nice morning cup and a pack of tasty coffee would be a key for this one. There are delicious house blends to choose from in Coffee Lab on Little Minister Street, Winchester. Wrap it nicely in little hamper basket and make a bow around to look extra Christmassy.

  1. Homemade cookies and Hot chocolate

There is nothing better than homemade chocolate chip cookies and a cup of hot chocolate on a Christmas day. Make a little hamper for your closest friend or family member, don’t forget to include a pack of little marshmallows, mug in it or even better if it is going to have a personalised message or a joke that only two of you would know!

  1. Favourite Board Game

Do you remember that one game from the childhood that you and your best friend constantly were playing? That could be a great gift reminding of old good times spent together. However, any party board game is key to a great evening together!

Don’t forget, that thoughtful gifts are priceless no matter of its actual cost. Remember, that tailoring gift to the person you are giving it to makes gift even more special!