How Prospective University Students can make the Most of the Christmas Break

As Christmas approaches prospective University students will be looking forward to spending time with their families and friends.

However, among the gifts, Christmas decorations and boxes of chocolates it’s essential not to forget your revision during the festive period.

Applications need to be sent off shortly so if you haven’t already completed them, now would be a good time to do it.

Here’s our advice for making the most of your Christmas break


Create a schedule

Although Christmas is officially a holiday, for students it’s partly a working one. Creating a weekly schedule will assist you greatly in pacing your work. Cramming everything in, just before you return to Kingston University will cause unbelievable stress and you run the risk of not finishing the work.

You can either manually draw a schedule and stick it on the wall or set one up on your smartphone, so that you receive reminders. In this way you can ensure everything that needs to be done is done!


Take time out

Despite your work schedule you need to strike a healthy balance between work and play. Whether you like to relax by going to the theatre, going to a bowling alley or just visiting friends you need time out. An enjoyable evening will put you in the right frame of mind for completing your scheduled assignments the next day.

You never know where you might find inspiration for your applications. It might be chatting with your mates, going to see the Christmas lights in London or maybe hunting down Pokémon!

Christmas is one of the best holidays for family get togethers, and to catch up with friends. By managing your time effectively there is no reason to feel guilty about taking time away from your revision.


Have everything you need at hand

One of the worst things that can happen to students is finding something missing from your revision materials. Make sure you pack everything you need.

Chat with your mates, teachers or admin staff about what you’ll need in terms of pre-exam materials and resources. In this way you’ll avoid discovering that there is a module, crucial to the exam, that you had no idea existed until it was too late!
Be aware of deadlines

When you have all the resources and materials you need, write down each deadline you have to meet. This could be dates you need to get your essay finished, completing the cover for your coursework or even buying your best mate’s Christmas gift.

Being prepared and setting practical deadlines for your work and personal life will ensure there are no mistakes.


University students – play the mock interviews game

The prospect of interviews might fill you with dread but it shouldn’t! Think about the questions you are likely to have to answer. These will include queries about your chosen subjects and of course, questions about you personally. Your personal statement should contain all the relevant information. Make sure it does!

Christmas is a time when all the family can participate in games. Make a game out of mock interviews so that you can practice your responses to interview questions. It will be fun!
Find some work experience

All universities are impressed by prospective students who have work experience. Kingston Uni will be no different. Taking the time to organise your own work experience will be an asset at interviews. It’s also valuable to impress future employers.

It might not seem much fun to be working during the festive season, but if you can achieve a little it will benefit you a lot! Any university preparatory work over a holiday period might seem unfair, when everyone else spends the time having fun. But once completed, you’ll feel so much more relaxed and rightly proud of yourself.


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We take this opportunity of wishing you a very Merry Christmas!