It is important to have some time to yourself, just to relax before another busy week ahead. When you are in a good mood and full of energy, you will be able to concentrate more on uni exams, perform well at work and just be a better company to your family and friends. Here are 3 tips on how you can quickly recharge when you need it most.

Tip 1. Disconnect

Can you (honestly) answer few questions for yourself: ‘Do you use your phone during the meal time? Or maybe you being on your phone whilst watching Netflixor that new vlog on YouTube?’ Well, studies have shown that majority of young people feel lost and bored if they are not on their devices and not connected to the Online World.

Around a third of people say they feel either cut off (34%) or lost (29%) without the internet, if they can’t get online, and 17% say they find it stressful. Half of all UK adults (50%) say their life would be boring if they could not access the internet. 

But we all need to have a break! Social media has an influence on our mental health, where is phones and laptops on physical. People who spend a lot of time on their devises often experience headaches and eye discomfort from constantly watching the screen. This does not help when you are trying to relax. We all need sometimes to switch off and get a fresh air. Disconnecting for a day does not mean ignoring the world around you, it means enjoying a day without any distractions.  

Tip 2. Have a Fresh Air

Speaking of fresh air, if you are based in Winchester Student Accommodation – consider yourself lucky. Within the city center there are green parks to have a walk in the evening or enjoy a morning run, the great example would be North Walls Recreation Ground. Being outdoors makes such a huge difference to your health and mind. Even better if you can exercise, for example every Saturday at 9 a.m. there is 5k run which is open for public. This way you will boost hormone serotonin which impacts the whole body, lifts our mood, improves sleep and energy level.

Tip 3. Be present

When you finally decide to give yourself a break from studies, take it slow. Literally, start your day with no hurry. There are plenty of ways to enjoy present moment, for instance cook a healthy breakfast or go to the cafe that you always wanted to go, but never had a time before; Josie’s on 28 Jewry St, Winchester is definitely a good option. Also, don’t forget your good old-fashioned book to read, pick one that would make you feel positive or listen to it, Audible has a great selection.

Another, way to be present is meditation. It has been proven that meditation helps with our health; it regulates the anxiety, helps to increase length of attention and improves sleep. Good start for a beginner would be guided meditation, which helps to understand how it all works. You might heard about Headspace, Breathe or Calmapps before,if you have not, why not give it a go? We all need to be more present and mindful to ourselves these days.