Being and living more sustainably is such a big trend now; if we all can make a few changes to the way we live to help reduce our carbon footprint. Here are our handy student friendly tips:

  • Buy a reusable mug and water bottles

This is a trick to not only save the planet but yourself some money too! It may be tempting to order a Costa or Starbucks and treat yourself but think of the waste that all of those cups make! Buy yourself a reusable mug and make your own hot drink.

Your water bottle will save on thousands of plastic bottles; there are several water re-filling points in Winchester. Download the app: Re-fill for all your local refilling points.

  • Recycle Recycle Recycle!

Here at both Riverside Way and Cathedral Point we have two bins; one for general waste and one for dry mixed recycling. By ensuring you place the right items in the right bins will help to dramatically reduce your waste; think about washing out your food containers so they can be recycled too!

  • Switch off

It can be tempting to have your heating on as it is included in your rent; and you won’t have that luxury when you move into a house! But a simple act a day such as turning your heating off when it is hot (believe me we have seen it) to turning off light switches or appliances that aren’t use will all add up to make a difference to the planet.

The NUS are running a campaign to encourage students to be more sustainable and switch off. Check out how your university rates and sign up on: