It is getting warmer outside and that means that final exams are just around the corner. However, don’t forget that concentrating on the exams a lot easier when your room is clean and tidy – tidy home, tidy mind.

Student friendly tips for a Spring Clean

Here are few tips on how to start on a spring clean at your accommodation in Winchester.

Tip 1: Make a cleaning rota

Cleaning your room in one day could be overwhelming, however by spreading work over the week could take away the stress of cleaning. Make sure you schedule a small task a day, which is taking no more than 10 min of your time. To be efficient – put the timer on and get that dust away from you room on Monday, or clean the floor on Tuesday, you know what we mean!


Tip 2: Clean in the good mood


Cleaning could be also very daunting process. Make sure you switch on your favourite music, make it a little louder. Dancing and singing could not only increase your own mood, but potentially motivate your flat mates to do the same. You won’t even notice how the next thing is all of you are deep cleaning the kitchen together.

Tip 3. Declutter

Spring clean is a perfect time to declutter. Embrace minimalism and leave only essential clothes, accessories and stationery. All the unwanted items you will be able to donate to the local charity. Here at Cathedral Point and Riverside Way by the end of the month you will be able to use British Heart Foundation – red boxes. By giving away your old goodies you are helping others and it is more sustainable way of living too.

Reward time

When you finish your spring clean, do not forget to reward yourself. Even better if you set a reward from the beginning of the clean, this way you will be driven more by it.