Top five city walks around London

Sometimes, the hectic London life might leave you feeling a little strained. When this happens, it’s
always a good idea to go for a nice, long walk to clear your head!

To many, this might mean venturing out of the city and into the countryside. However, there are
some great walks within the city itself that can be just as therapeutic! See below for our top five city walks around London.

1. ‘The Jubilee Greenway’: Little Venice to Camden

Although this canal walk runs right through the heart of central London, taking you from London
Zoo to Camden Lock, it’s actually quite quiet. The calm and tranquil canal waters only  occasionally give way to busy waterside shops and cafes.

Little Venice is situated a short walking distance between Edgware Road and Warwick Avenue, so starting at Camden may be easier. Although, for those that like their street food, Camden is the
better destination for a nice meal after your walk.

The Jubilee Greenway London walk

2. Westminster: South Bank of the Thames

There’s no more quintessential London stroll than the one taking you down the South Bank of the
River Thames. Here you will see all those views and sights adorning every postcard of London.
The best time to do it is in the evening, when the soft glow of the sunset gives everything a magical air.

South Bank of the Thames London walk

3. Richmond Park & Wimbledon Common

This one is a little closer to home, beginning just a short journey away from our Kingston
residences in Richmond Park! Richmond Park is wide open expanse of meadows and woodland
rich in fauna and full of wildlife. You may even be able to spot the herd of deer that live there! In
contrast, Wimbledon Common is a dark, ancient wood like something out of a grim fairytale.

Richmond Park & Wimbledon Common walk

4. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is big, wild, and untamed, in start contrast to some of the more prim and proper parks our other walks go through. Although, if you do venture off into the surrounding suburbs you will find some of London’s most impressive, and expensive, properties. The Heath has a massive variety of plants and wildlife crammed into its 791 acres of land so is also a nature lover’s dream!

Hampstead Heath

5. Thames Path: Hampton Court to Albert Bridge

This walk along the river that runs through the heart of London takes in all sorts of spectacular
sites, from Hampton Court Palace to Albert Bridge. The whole thing is 23 miles long, so maybe
only do part of it in one day unless you’re looking for a really taxing trek!

Thames Path: Hampton Court to Albert Bridge walk