Going for the first time or returning back to university is well-exciting! Moving to your new home at Cathedral Point or Riverside Way,  meeting new students from around the UK and the rest of the World, attending parties is fun, however this could also mean catching that famous, but yet unpleasant ‘Freshers Flu’.

‘Freshers Flu’ is well known period at university, gain momentum around or right after the Freshers Week, mostly affecting first year students. This phenomenon is not exactly a flu, it’s mostly a cold, followed by the headaches, cough and general exhauster.

There is no surprise, that we are getting cold when our immune system is starting to fail. In order to avoid nasty bacteria to get to us, there are few simple, but yet vital steps to follow:

  1. Beautiful Sleep = Healthy Sleep

Being your own boss and deciding whether today you are going out till the next morning is great, but healthy sleeping regime is necessarily for our bodies. Staying awake for a long time and receiving 3-4 hours of sleep will do immune system no favour. However, at least eight hours a day will make stronger not only your body, but mind too, including higher concentration level, which you will need on lectures.

  1. Water is Everything

Staying hydrated especially throughout the Freshers Week is key to avoid the cold. If after going out you are experiencing headaches, dry mouth and being very tired – these are the signs of dehydration. Make sure that the next morning you are not following the myth how more alcohol can cure hangover, but instead drink 2L of water at least.

  1. Get Clean Freak

Good hygiene could help you to avoid cold too. On average our hands carry over 3K bacteria and some of them are not the good ones. Don’t forget to wash your hands after you have come from the outside. Also, carrying a small sanitiser is not a bad idea too.

On a larger scale, make sure you are washing your clothes regularity and changing your bedding sheets, which on a daily basis collect a large group of nasty microbes; as well as open the window to freshen up your room.